RIP: Anjula Acharia’s Sister Annu Cause Of Death, How Did He Die? Age, Family, Funeral & Obituary Details!

Anjula Acharia is the former manager of superstar and actress, Priyanka Chopra Jonas and apart from being a manager, she is now a businesswoman who has been active in her work and also proved herself through her work. Anjula recently posted on her social media post that she lost her sister and also mentioned that she passed away. This news was widespread all over the internet and many people who knew Anjula posted their condolences online and prayed for the soul. Stay tuned as we covered everything in detail about Anjula, her, and also most importantly the demise of Anjula’s sister, Annu as well in detail.

Anjula recently posted on her social media that her sister Annu has now passed away. Anjula added that she learned many things from her sister and it was from her childhood she was bullied by many people but her sister stood in front of her and also made her sister feel protected. Anjula also mentions that her sister was the one inspiration and motivation behind the person and also being herself in the place where she is now. Anjula said in her statement that her sister passed away as a result of cancer and she fought it very bravely. Lastly, Anjula posted that she will miss Anjula and that those memories cannot be taken away. Anjula in the end prayed for her sister.

Who Was Anjula Acharia’s, Sister Annu?

Anjula is the former manager of actress Priyanka Chopra. Earlier when Priyanka was an actress from India and was widely known for her role, Anjula met her for the very first time and that is when she mentioned to Priyanka that she should give Hollywood a shot. Jimmy Love, a business partner of Anjula asked Priyanka to try her luck in Hollywood, and at the same time, Priyanka asked Anjula to be her manager. Anjula added in one of her interviews that before she was at the service of Priyanka 10 years ago she wasn’t in management but she learned many things from her management and being the manager of Priyanka.

Anjula Acharia: Wikipedia & Bio

Later that Priyanka tried her career in Hollywood she became the first ever South Asian woman to be on the front cover of Vogue and she later became part of many Hollywood movies and series as well. Later Priyanka also became the first to be the face of the NBA in India. Anjula also made her statement that being the face of various brands that are from the USA into India was a big game as many brands wanted to spend in India as it was one of the fastest growing countries, with a population of 700 million citizens. She also mentioned earlier that Priyanka is also an exporter of Yoga in India herself and also many things as well.

After being a successful manager of Priyanka, Anjula moved her way from being amazing to be a number one businesswoman as well. She now is a businesswoman who has millions under her name and also has many brands under her name. She has been investing in many industries and also many companies like the Joro app, Yumi, Vital Proteins, Bulletproof, the muse, the health Ade Kombucha and pop, and battle as well, and there are many others also. She also has investments in companies like Bumble and Class pass as well. Anula while speaking about her work added that whatever it is she always looks for talent and her working with Priyanka and also getting into business was something that is working.

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