Alabama Tornado Killed Chiquita Broadnax’s Mom & Her Eight-Year-Old Son!

Montgomery, Alabama, a mother-son duo was killed by a deadly tornado that went through their house and a tree fell on them. As per the reports, the whole family was asleep when the tornado passed and this was reported by the neighbours they heard the family member screaming for help. Police and the help team rived at the place and they added that the person who was dead was a mother-son duo who were on their bed. There are many tornados reported to be passing the Alabama region and many are deadly as well causing damage to the building and taking lives. Stay tuned as we covered everything in detail about this case.

A Deadly Tornado Hits The Alabama Region

This tornado hit the Alabama region early in the morning and as a result of it, many families were asleep in their houses. As per the reports the tree fell on the house of the mother and son who were sleep ad it took their lives. This occurred in the Flatwood neighbourhood of North Montgomery County. Chiquita Broadnax aged 39 and Ceddarius Tell who was eight years old and the woman’s son has now passed away after the tree forcefully fell on them and the two passed away in their sleep. The reports have claimed that the tree directly fell on their bed as a result of the tornado leading to a huge crash and also the father as well getting stuck.

Alabama Tornado Killed Chiquita Broadnax’s Mom & Her Eight-Year-Old Son

Cedric Lamar Tell who was also in the house and he is the father of Cedarrius tell was also stuck under the tree and sustained various injuries, neighbors who were there at the place of the incident added that Cedric who was under the tree screamed for help when they came out. It was also mentioned by the neighbours that the father was screaming. Cedric was immediately transferred to the hospital where he is getting treated. Police and the neighbours have revealed that Cedric has sustained no fatal injuries and he will get the surgery done. They also added that in no time he will be discharged. This deadly incident occurred on the 29th of November 2022, Tuesday.

Who Are The Victims Of The Alabama Tornado?

This tornado is called the EF-2 tornado and this occurred in the middle of the night. Family members of the mother and son who passed away added that they were asleep when it happened and they also added that the tree when checked upon fell right in the middle of the bed. Cedric who was under the debris as per the neighbours was shouting find the baby, Find the baby, and the neighbours were out there helping but at that time they already passed away. The whole community centre which was next door to the victim’s house was also completely destroyed due to the tornado. Families prayed and also mourned the demise of mother and son.


The centre director added that the mother and son at least used to visit the centre four to five times a year every summer and they were sweet and kind. He also added that the child loved his dinosaur and was also sweet enough as possible with everyone in the community. Although no other death has been reported until now, it was revealed by the officers that the tornado was winding away at the speed of 115 miles per hour and this destroyed many buildings. City-County emergency management agency director Christina added that this incident was harrowing as it cost lives and also caused much damage in the area.

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