Who Is Slayeas Video Viral on Twitter, Reddit & YouTube Link, Full Controversy Explained!

Some models are more in news rather than in OF and the simple reason is that their content is available to watch on many public platforms. However, many public platforms have removed it but there are many users who think they are smart and already download it and now they are sharing it with each other. The latest name which is appearing on social media platforms is “Slayeas” and people are showing their interest in her content and want to know more about her.


We have already confirmed on the 1st line that she has created her account on Onlyfans and that is why people want to know more about her and her content. But this time the thing is quite controversial and that is why it is getting the limelight. According to the reports, the ex-Arizona trainer who stole the headlines after being found to have an account on OF was additionally booted from the positioning. The name of the model is Samantha Peer also known as Khloe Karter.

Who Is Slayeas?

She laboured along with her spouse as a trainer and both working at the Lake Havasu Unified School District. Though her career in the academic profession would end after the neighbourhood got to know that the duo was involved in providing po**ography on OG in order to generate extra income. People are getting confused with the name but Samantha Peer and Slayeas are different models and even the news is different. The model whose content is viral is Slayeas but her real name is Lea Martinez.

Slayeas: Wikipedia & Bio

Though it is quite surprising that no posts or video has been posted on her account so how it is possible that her content went viral? It looks like someone used her name in order to spread the fake news or maybe the viral videos and photos belong to another model. She did not post anything on this account and her bio reads that she is just 19 years old and she was a streamer-cosplayer and actress as well.


She last used off on 1st August and since then she never came back online that means someone has shared fake news and all the news related to it is completely wrong. As of now, it has been confirmed that no such videos and photos were ever posted and due to that, there is no point in asking for the link as without having any video it is not possible for us to share any such link. In order to know more the readers need to be with us and we will be soon back but till then the readers need to be with us.

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