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The world of Only F is raising widely and many people are getting famous because of this world online. Through this website, the only f community has been rising widely and they have been gaining a lot of money as well through it. Only f is a community that helps adult stars or people who want to sell their videos get a platform and the people who want to see such videos a platform to purchase as well. Through this video-selling platform, many people have made their careers online and they are earning millions these days through this one platform. This widely-gowning platform has one star who is also rising, so let’s learn more about her.


The widely growing star on only f is called Babysswwonly who is widely gaining media attention through this platform. She is widely gaining attention because she openly claims that she does not support or want any sympathy for being on it instead she herself will join this community and she makes money through it. The real name of this girl is Tati Weg she is widely famous on other social media platforms by her real name. She earns sin thousands and also has millions of followers on her only f community itself excluding the followers on other social media platforms. Babysswwonly recently went through an interview and spoke about her experience.

Who Is Babysswwonly?

Tati said that she loves to support the team that she has been seeing in the world cup that is ongoing. Tati although has Brazilian and German descent she says that she is completely into the Brazilian followings and that she will support this team. In one of the interviews, she says that although she never considers herself a German anyhow she loves to support her team through her Brazilian descent that she has. Although much about her family or her descent is unknot she only spoke that she has two descent one Brazilian and one German which she supports and also cherishes widely. She is currently supporting her country’s team in the world cup.

Babysswwonly: Wikipedia & Bio

Speaking about her past, Tati is one of the Brazilian officer show rose to fame in no time. Yes, Tati is a police officer who left her duty and she is now on only f. Earlier she used to work in the Brazilian police station and she used to earn through it, but now as she gets more money through this community she does not go for the duty of an officer. Tati says that she found more interest in this job than any other. She is now a rising star in this community and she keeps posting videos on her community page and people pay to watch them as well. In honour of her country, these models aid that as Brazil and Germany are facing each other she will be posting naked pictures.


Yes, she said that things he said that as her teams are clashing she will be posting it for free. Tati added that she supports Germany, buts he is from Brazil as well, she is afraid that these two teams are of her descent and that she might fall for one at some point. She isn’t decided what she should do. She adds that it is hard to swallow the fact that the two teams are facing each other, She adds on later that as I am a Brazilian more and worked for them, she might support them and also cheer for them as well.

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