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Female objectification and also harass them is a thing in society that cannot be taken out completely. Somehow in this modern world as well people harass women and they have to face such a brutal call after so many struggles of being open and public in the society that society offers them very often. One such story is of Jodi Kantor and Megan Twohey who published their book and in it, they wrote about how they overcame the harassment and spoke about it openly in the public without any restrictions. They wrote a book that was later filmed and a movie was made out of it. Stay tuned as we covered every aspect of this movie and also the real story as well.


Jodi and Megan wrote in their book how they were harassed by Weinstein and wrote about their $exual harassment in detail in their book called She Said. In this book, they told their readers how they dealt with such a brutal call upon them and how they also won the case as well. Later this story was called up for a movie as some producers wanted to make this story into a movie that they later made as well. This story was translated into a movie called She Said, the same as the one in the book, and the movie starred Carey Mulligan and Zoe Kazan in lead roles in the place of Jodi and Meghan respectively. This movie primarily focuses on the harassment that Jodi and Megan had to go through.

Who Is Harvey Weinstein?

In many movies, story writers or producers and directors change a bit or so of the story that is based on real-life events. Although She Said movie did not portray anything like that. The movie was a complete visual of the book and the actresses as well portrayed the role in a great way. This movie is known for its brutal portrayal of society and showcases the story of Megan and Jodi in a true way and how they faced everything without adding or deleting anything in the story. Though the story focuses on the investigations held, still it leaves behind a mark. This story does not focus on the emotional aspects of the story.

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Writer Rowena Chiu from New York Times stated that’s eh was abused by Weinstein when she was hired by the company in the earlier days of her career. She added that Weinstein harassed her and at that time there was an execution held by European productions, She also added that Weinstein used to force himself on her and also rape her as well. She also revealed that Weinstein raped her even at the Venice film festivals and even pressurized her to sign an agreement that was worth 125,000 euros. Jodi and Megan as well were cast in the movie. As per the reports, the publisher approached Megan even before the case ended.


Meghan revealed that even before the case was solved, the movie and the producers were on making a movie about it. But at that she was not aware of what to do so she kept it to herself at that time. Megan added that she was also a part of the movie but in the movie, she acted like the protagonist and it was difficult for her to portray such a role as she was the victim of harassment. In the end, Megan said that she revealed to her friend Chiu that they made a movie about their story and seeing her friends cry seeing that movie made her day.

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