LINK: Former Balenciaga Stylist Lotta Volkova Instagram Pictures Viral On Social Media!

These days people love to post their photos and videos on social media platforms rather than keep them on their phones. Some people are quite crazy about posting photos online and they use to share their daily routine updates. Even some social media platform appears as a source of popularity as well as an income source. Instagram is one of these platforms where many commoners became a star overnight but every popular thing brings controversy as well. One such designer is presently in the news after her private Instagram photos spark anger on the web. Let’s find out more about it.


In the middle of the latest campaign controversy of Balenciaga, the private Instagram page of stylist Lotta Volkova has been getting an immense grip. Now people want to know the whole matter and looking to know more about the stylist. Many searches have been made online but it is getting tough for people to get accurate details and that is why people want a particular article that can address the entire topic. So let’s find out together about it.

Who Is Lotta Volkova?

As per the reports, Lotta has recently posted many disturbing photos depicting children and these photos are available to watch on her Instagram account. After watching the photos, the Internet and social media users are shocked and backlashing the stylist. We all know that Balenciaga has accumulated immense backlash in recent weeks after their latest advertisement campaigns which depicted kids. In the advertisement, kids were looked at carrying teddy bears clad and they were seen wearing slavery outfits.

Lotta Volkova: Wikipedia & Bio

Lotta Volkova, Stylist Linked To Balenciaga, Frequently Posted Images Of  Child Abuse And Gore, And Is Friends With Alleged Pedophile Gosha  Rubchinskiy | Evie Magazine

Not only this photoshop also badly hid a legal document that viewed the order of the Supreme Court which is based on the case of the child po**ography. The users of social media were fast to call off the brand throughout social media platforms. Later on, a user of Twitter who goes by the name @JakeShields disclosed that another stylist Lotta Volkova constantly collaborates with Adidas and Balenciaga. Lotta is considered the top designer and that is why people get furious after watching her latest photos.


The user of Twitter also viewed photos from the private IG page of the stylist. Several photos are depicting kids. In one of the photos, a white girl is seen wearing a pink colour swimsuit and the kid is lying sideways and saying hello to the camera. Some of the photos are uncomfortable to watch and that is why people are trolling this stylist. Apart from it, the IG account Lotta also depicted a lady and a man who is wrapped in plastic bags and hugging each other.

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