Is Chris Hani Dead Or Still Alive? What Happened To Him? Death News Rumours Reason Explained!

Chris Hans was one of the most honoured and also loved social workers who worked for peace, democracy and also equality as well. Earlier three decades ago he was killed by a man named Janusz Walus out of a dispute that occurred between the two. Earlier when the trials of this case occurred, the court sent Walus to jail for his life and they were rejecting his parole as well. Earlier this week he was set for parole and this decision was criticized and disliked by many people. Someone from the cell shot Walus and now he relies on critical condition. Stay tuned as we covered everything related to this story and also about the criminal as well.
Back three decades earlier due to a dispute between the two Walus killed Hani and this case gained wider attention from people and media as well, as Hans was someone important from the community. Walus stabbed Hans to death several times and he was receiving his sentence in jail and life imprisonment. When the news about his parole came up, people were not impressed by the decision of the court and there were questions arising and revolts as well. Well, this did not go in vain, and it came out that someone from the cell of Walus stabbed him and although he is alive still he is in a critical condition.

What Happened To Chris Hani?

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Walus is as of now 69 years old and he was getting his punishment of life imprisonment in a jail in South Africa. South African constitutional court rights said this week that they will release Walus soon and he will be sent back to his hometown that si Poland. When this news was released serval people started revolting and they asked the court to take back their decision. The Department of correctional service said on Tuesday that an Inmate of Walus stabbed him and that the DCS healthcare is taking care of Walus and he will soon be fine. It was also added that they will be unable to provide the details of the inmate of the cell who stabbed him as they are investigating.

Chris Hani Death News Rumours Reason

Other than that Hans’s grave has been vandalized and there were gravestones broken and the other end of his grave was not proper as well, Hans’s grave is in Ekurhuleni near Johannesburg and the tomb is engraved largely but now is barely taken care of it. Police officers have also said that they will investigate who caused such big damage to the grave and how it was damaged after which they will restore the damaged grave as soon as possible. The inspection of the grave happened this weekend. After the news of Walus getting released was issued in the media, people along with many African National congress members roosted in front of the court.

Hani was someone who was fiercely involved in many social activities and he was also a fierce opponent to many as well. He was gunned down by Walus in a dispute and at that time, Walus was away from his house. This occurred back in 1993 and this was before the South African first multiracial elections. This shooting raised many issues and also many problems that would have led to the African civil war but it was somehow controlled. After many denials, Walus’s parole request was reviewed in 2022 and now it was added that as he spent his life in jail, he will be released and will be sent to Poland as well.

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