Who Is Wooden Planks Zendaya Video & Photos Viral On Reddit And Twitter, Full Controversy Explained!

Zendaya is one of the most talented actresses in the Hollywood industry and there are many people who adore her for her fashion, her acting, and the elegance and grace that she carries. Apart from that, her ramp walk is also considered one of the epic ones. Zendaya recently went through an interview after she was involved in a photoshoot wearing a high heel wooden plank shoes. Speaking of which she revealed certain things that she does when it comes to photography and other things.  Zendaya revealed why she photographed in such a style as well. Stay tuned as we covered everything related to this interview and also about the fashion that she chose.


Zendaya in her photoshoot wore a pink short dress with skin-tight leggings. She also paired it up with pink hair, pink background, and most of all the thing that stole the internet’s attention, her shoe. It was a long and wood plank shoe that many people loved on her. While speaking about it Zendaya said that she saw many actresses do that so she opted for it. Apart from Zendaya other actresses and singers like Lady Gaga, Zendaya, and also Anne hatchway wore the same shoe and they looked ravishing and also attractive in such long wooden plank shoes. Heels can be painful sometimes but these wooden planks are rather supportive on the back and also on the front which allows women to walk comfortably.

Who Is Wooden Planks Zendaya?

Speaking about platform shoes the most talked about and also the most unique shoes of all time these days is the Valentino Tan-Go shows which are mostly sold out these days. The cost of these is 1,150 US dollars and it is excluding podiatrist fees. Other than that models these days are wearing such heels to look bolder and also taller as well. Apart from that, these shoe does not cause any pain as they are more supportive from the front as well. Other than that Valentino shoe, the other shoe that is stealing the hearts of many people is found in the Hong Kong Palace Museum in the west Kowloon Cultural district shoe and they are prettier and more comfortable as well.

Wooden Planks Zendaya: Wikipedia & Bio

These heels speaking of their history are brought from the early history of China. Yes, they were established in china and they were designed so that the walking style of people is more dignified and slower. Their existence came from the Qing dynasty and Manchi women from the 1644-1912 period used to wear them. Although the heels were invented they had a supportive sole so that the women wearing them should not feel pain and so that the feet of the women remain flat and not arched that happens due to wearing too many heels due to the arched heels. Height of the platform shoe range up to 23 centimetres.


In Chinese history as per the reports, there were many traditions that were designed to detail and also were made so that people would be cultural and also etiquette and slow in walking talking, and also behaving. Chinese were forced to wear that kind of attire’. Language, literature and art have been a part of their tradition and also their etiquette as well. People in Manguen used to wear such outfits to behave naturally and to slow down their work. However, their new attires as well are also designed to make such an impact on the behaviour. Starting off from their suits and shirts they design their clothes in a way to impact their lives.

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