Sharkeisha Fight Video – Sharkeisha’ violent beating Trending video – sharkeisha thompson Death Video

Pacquiao scarcely landed any real blows against Mayweather, who used his speed and unparalleled defensive maneuvers to dictate pretty much every second of the fight.

Sharkeisha Fight Video is a video of a young woman referred to as “Sharkeisha” sucker-punching an unsuspecting victim in the face in the middle of a heated argument.


Sharkeisha thompson death video

Upon being uploaded via Instagram in late November 2013, the video quickly went trending on Twitter, Facebook and elsewhere online, inspiring a slew of photoshopped parodies involving images of sharks.

Horrifying assault goes viral after Sharkeisha sucker-punches victim |  Daily Mail Online

Sharkeisha thompson Fight Video twitter

Video of a young woman, who is referred to as “Sharkeisha” by an onlooker, sucker-punching another woman known as “Shay” in the face during an argument and repeatedly assaulting her while the victim tries to defend herself in a crouched position.

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