RIP: Wendy Setterfield Cause Of Death, How Did She Die? Age, Funeral, Family & More!

Penrhiwceiber, a woman who was in her elderly years passed away after she was involved in a crash. Although police are currently investigating the case, certain things have been revealed by the police and they have said that the demise news was heartbreaking and they are doing their best to find the culprit in the earlier stages of the investigation. The woman who passed away was a grandmother. Mother and a loved member of the family as well. The car crash that occurred was a single-vehicle crash and the culprit was later identified by the police. Stay tuned we covered everything possible from this case and also the family’s statement as well.The woman who passed away in the fatal car crash was identified as Wendy Setterfield. Wendy was driving her way when a bike rider went all wild beside her causing Wendy to lose her control. Police have said that they apologize to Wendy’s family for their great loss and they are looking forward to getting the right justice for the family. Family members were devastated to hear about the demise of one of their important members This vehicle crash occurred near Church street in penrhiwceiber and this accident occurred on the 24th of November 2022, Thursday, and the culprit in his case I caught by the police.

What Happened To Wendy Setterfield?

Family members have added that they will miss Wendy dearly and that she was an important member of the family. Wendy was a grandmother, a mother, and a mother-in-law as well. When the incident occurred Wendy was not recognized by the police, and later police informed the family about Wendy’s demise. This accident was a single-vehicle crash and the culprit taken into arrest was a bike driver who was driving rashly and without following any rules. This rash driving resulted in Wendy getting her car to the side leading to a massive crash. The suspect in this case driving without following the rules was identified as a21 years old man whose identity is yet to be revealed by the police.

Who Was Wendy Setterfield?

Wendy was 76 years old woman who was a pensioner and she was a beloved mother and grandmother as well. The family members spoke that Wendy will be missed dearly and they also added that they are thankful for the love and support they received from their family members, their relatives, and the community as well. They also thanked their friends for the support they received from them. In their statement family members added that Wendy was a kind-hearted and sociable person whose presence is widely missed. Speaking about Wendy’s family, she was survived by her daughter-in-law, a son, and a granddaughter as well.

The 21 years old who drove rashly and who was responsible for the accident as released on bail but police have added that they will get the justice for Wendy that’s eh deserved. Apart from that police have asked people who witnessed the accident to come forward as it will be of great help. The police also stated that people who were at the accident spot on the day of the incident are requested to check their dash cameras, and their CCTV as well in case there is anything captured. They also stated that the person with information is requested to contact South Wales police on 1010 or they also reach out to the police station as well.

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