RIP: Former Wigan Warriors Brian Hogan Cause Of Death, How Did He Die? Age, Funeral & Obituary!

Brian Hogan, former Wigan Warriors who also played for various teams from England has now passed away and his demise news was posted online. Many people poured in their heartfelt condolences and also showed their concerns as well. Brian was a great player and represented England and he played for Widnes Rl and many other teams as well during his long-running career. he also made serval appearances with Brandon Northern who posted his demise news online and was heartbroken when he posted about Brian’s demise. Stay tuned as we covered everything you need to know about Briana and also the reason behind his demise.

Who Was Brian Hogan?

Brian was one of the greatest and also loved players in England and he also played for many teams as well. he played for Widnes Rl, WiganWarriros RL, Bradford Bulls RL, Saints 1890, and Oldham as well. Brian made his debut back in 1964 and initiated his five-year tenure with Wigan and appeared above or about 100 times with Brandon. Brian was also the prop-second rower for parr central in parr St Helens and ARLFC, St. Helens for two times, Bradford Northern, and Widnes for two spells and with Oldham, he was there in the contested scrums era. St. Helens was his debut team he had a victory in his debut match 21-9.

Brian Hogan Death Reason

Brandon Northern who played with Brian many times posted on his social media platform that Brian has now passed away. It was mentioned to Brandon in his Tweet that Brian passed away and it was saddening for him that his co-player passed away. Brandon also added that Brian was a player who was the first to play for Widnes in 1973 and appeared over 120 times in two spells from The Chemics. Brandon also sent his thoughts and his prayers to Brian’s family and friends. Although the demise news was mentioned, the reason behind the death was mentioned by any of the sources or by Brandon as well. It was revealed that Brian passed away on the 27th of November 2022, Sunday and he was just days away from his 75th birthday.

Brian Hogan: Wikipedia & Bio

Brian represented Wigan and England when he played with the team and he also was a part of the Rugby League world cup and played against Wales, France, Australia and New Zealand. This took place back in 1975. While he played for Oldham, Brian propped for the second row for numbers 8, 10, 12, and 11. Apart from playing for Oldham, and Wigan, Brian also represented and played for England and Lancashire as well. Before his demise, Brian also participated in his final game at Central park in Wigan for St. Helens and lost to Wigan. This was a BBC 2 flood lot trophy o season 1968-1969. This was the last match that Brian had.

Many people poured in their heartfelt condolences and said that they were saddened to hear about the demise. One of the Twitter users added that it is saddening to hear about the demise and the user sent his condolences to Brian’s family. Another user wrote that Brian has great ball-handling skills and was a good hard forward. The user sent his condolences and also prayed for Brian as well. Many teammates like Eddie Cunningham and Jim Mills PFU chairman and others posted their thoughts online about Brian and also sent their concerns as well.

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