DJ Levels Apologises Over trending Bedroom Pics & video

Nowadays people are the usage of special and quite strange methods to get a reputation in a quick period on social media.The same thing happen today a popular DJ picture and video caught the attention of all online users.

Online users are curious to realize what’s in the video this is luring views. people are also known who is the person at the back of the Trending video.


If you are interested to know about the all details of the DJ then read down this article until the end and follow all the sections of this article and take a look at what’s being occurred on the mega platform of social media.

DJ Levels video is circulating everywhere on social media platforms.In the trending video we can see that DJ Levels is standing n*ked in front of the mirror.

DJ Apologies,

As soon as his video and Photos are uploaded many reaction came to see.Some people give harsh reaction after seeing the footage.Dj Levels apologies from his fans , friends and family members.

According to DJ Levels he is not at the back of uploading video .His mobile is caught by someone and who uploaded all this .

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