Body of girl found in Italy mudslide; death toll rises to 2

A tragic incident happened in Italy that will be the cause of many people’s life. Many people in Italy suffered from this incident.

The incident is about a landslide of Italy.What happened with the people? Cause of landslide,and all details about the incident is mentioned in this article.

Body of young girl is pulled from mud in Italy after landslide rips through small island ki*ling at least four.And five people’s are missing.

Search teams pulled the body of a young girl from her family home on Sunday as they dug through mud for a second day in the search for people still missing after an enormous landslide on the Italian resort island of Ischia.

At least seven people which is including a newborn baby and two children, were kil*ed on the southern Italian holiday island of Ischia.

A wave of mud, debris and stones broke away from the island highest mountain on Saturday and cra*hed down over houses and roads in and around town of Casamicciola Terme.

Buildings sm*shed by the landslide and several cars pushed into the sea.The risks of landslides remained in the highest part of the town, near where heavy rainfall loosened a chunk of mountainside.

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