Woman dies hiking in Zion National Park with husband

Today a tragic news about the unfortunately demise of a woman who is 31 years old.She with her husband who is also 31 years old came in National Park for hiking.

What happened with him? Husband condition right now?Cause of demise?To know about all these details keep reading article completely.

A woman hiker is Passed Away and the husband of the woman is now recovering after being injured during a 16 mile overnight hike at Zion National Park in Utah.

According to the Zion National Park shuttle drivers r that visitors found an injured man and a lifeless woman in the Narrows on Wednesday morning.

The hiking 33 year old man and 31 year old woman, is a married couple, had started their permitted 16-mile trip through the Narrows from the top down on Tuesday.

According to the man who told rescuers that they became dangerously cold overnight and experienced symptoms consistent with hypothermia.And in this tragic incident he lose his wife unfortunately.

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