VIDEO: Costa Mesa Shooting Video, One Killed & Two Others Critically Wounded, Suspect Name Revealed!

Hello, readers welcome back to our article in this article we are going to inform you about a very shocking incident and you might be curious to know what we are talking about so this article is going to be very informative for you all. So make sure you read this article till last and talk about the incident so it is related to the shooting which took place at the Costa Mesa. Talking about the people who were involved so one person is declared dead at the moment.

There were two people who were involved in this fighting and currently they are shifted to the hospital right now the whole department of police is currently working on the whole matter and this particular situation took place as they received a call after 6:45 p.m. in the 400 block of Bay Street. However, the main motive behind this whole shooting is still not declared but however, but police are also investigating the whole scenario.

One Killed & Two Others Critically Wounded In Costa Mesa Shooting

Talking about the number of people that have been arrested no arrests have been made however police also released a statement on the social media platform regarding this deadly shooting that it was an isolated incident no further information has been revealed at the moment and not even the identity of the person that was being declared dead and killed in this particular incident.


Who Is The Suspect?

This particular shooting is creating a lot of controversies all over social media platforms. We know that violence is increasing day by day, especially the case related to mass shootings however mass shootings not only create violence but it is also creating the problem of anxiety and depression among the youth of the community which is a concerning topic nowadays.

We are sad to announce the passing of the person who was involved in this particular mass shooting we know that it is a tough time for his family members but we are here to support them and we would like to offer in the family strength and privacy so that they can face the bad days ahead they have lost their loved ones. Sending deep condolence and sympathy to the family may his soul rest in peace.

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