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What’s in a (badly mangled) name? Over 195 million YouTube views and counting. Key & Peele’s 2012 sketch “Substitute Teacher has a simple premise a tightly wound sub Keegan Michael Key who taught in the inner city mispronounces white students’ names but the result is hall-of-fame-level hilarity. EW asked the stars to share their memories of that very tense roll call in Mr. Garvey’s classroom.


meeting, once the premise was announced, the whole writers’ room — it was like sharks in a frenzy after some chum had been dumped in the water. Everybody had an example of a name that they thought could work.

a ron video viral

The sketch] was described to me as, there’s a substitute teacher who mispronounces basic Caucasian names.was super lucky. [Key & Peele director] Peter Atencio, who I kind of knew through comedy stuff, called me. It was just, “Hey, we need someone for this. Do you want to come do it?” Thank God they didn’t make me audition for it, because I would have blown it.


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From my recollection, this was the first offer I had ever gotten in my life… I was just starting the ability to grow a mustache and a beard. We thought it would be funny if I had a little wispy mustache, the way the most bully-ish kids in school had.

I was coming down from double pinkeye. I had gotten cleared by a doctor the day before, but I had to wear protective eye goggles because I still had the visual pinkeye without [being contagious]. I thought it would be funny if I had the glasses on the entire time. Watch full videoa a ron video – a a ron video twitter – a a ron video trending

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