Who Is Oklahoma’s Murder Suspect Wu Chen? Suspect Arrested, All Charges Explained!

Wu Chen is a person arrested in Oklahoma after he was suspected to be involved in the heinous crime of killing four people at his farmhouse. People were shocked when they heard about such a heinous crime happening around them One of the victims of the suspect called the police and was escorted by the police. This incident shook many people in Oklahoma and the suspect was arrested near the beach. OSBI was involved in the investigation and several people known to the suspect were held hostage by him. Stay tuned as we covered the case, the victims and also the suspects of the case covered, and also information about the killing as well.


Wu Chen is a person who was arrested in Miami beach and as per the reports he was arrested when someone who saw the suspected vehicle reported the police about it. Around 4 pm he was arrested and taken into arrest. Wu is a person who is suspected of the murder of four people whom he killed in his farmhouse. The people who killed were known to him as the police have revealed that there was no sign of force or any sign of pushing or struggling to get away as well. It was also revealed by the police that the person who was taken away by the police asked for help and called the police and was helped by the police.

Oklahoma’s Murder Suspect Wu Chen Found & Arrested

Who is Wu Chen? Meet the arrested Oklahoma murder suspect

The fifth person was airlifted and the police revealed that the four others were dead on spot but the fifth survived and was taken away with serious fatal injuries. Reports have claimed that the four people were killed on a farm in Marijuana which is just north of Lacey, Oklahoma. Police also added that the five people whom Wu gathered at his farm were held hostage by him and were known to him as well. Likewise, the police also added that the victims were discovered by the police on Sunday, 20th of November 2022, while the suspect was arrested on the 22nd of November 2022. Police revealed that the fifth one is now getting treated.

Oklahoma’s Murder Suspect Wu Chen All Charges Explained

Earlier there was no report about the suspect or about him sa well, but now reports are coming up that Wu who is the main suspect, in this case, is from Chin and he is a 45 years old man who killed the four people. As per the reports the police earlier revealed that the four people and the one that was injured were all Chinese and were known to Wu. Although the identities of the people who passed away in the horrific incident and the ones who got injured were not revealed as well. The case is still pending as police say that Wu does not speak English and there is a language barrier in speaking with the criminal, so the case might take longer.


This incident was reported in Marijuana and the case is getting solved by the FBI and OSBI as well. Authorities have added that they looked for people around and found people dead and looked like they were hostages Police arrived at the place on Sunday around 17:45 local time and they were many staff people when they found that there were people dead. Also, reports have added that there were three men and one woman who were dead and the survivor’s gender was not revealed by the police. Families of the victims have not been found yet.

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