VIDEO: Shooting At Virginia Chesapeake Walmart Video, At Least Six People Killed, Who Is The Suspect?

A deadly shooting is said to have occurred in the Chesapeake area of virginal where a shooter shot multiple people at the store and there were others who were reported to be injured as well. The shooter reported openly firing at the people in the store. This shooting occurred last night and left people in shock and injured as well. Police along with other crime batches were gathered at the place and there were medics and help teams as well as helping in getting people out of the situation. Multiple people were reported to be dead as well. Stay tuned as we covered every detail of the incident covered and also information about the shooter as well.

Shooting At Virginia Chesapeake Walmart Incident Details

The shooter who shot people in the Walmart also killed many people before the police arrived. As per the reports from the locals, the shooting was initiated around 10:12 pm on the 22nd of November 2022, Tuesday. The shooter shot people fatally leaving many dead and injured as well. This incident was reported by the locals to the police and at the time they arrived at the place many people were dead. Police officers have reported that as they arrived they saw people covered in blood and many were already dead. Police also reported that some of the victims were alive and were transported to the local hospitals immediately.

Shooting At Virginia Chesapeake Walmart Video

Spokesperson of Walmart Kosinski added that the police found many people died, upon asking he reported that around 10 people were dead at the location and many were transported to the hospitals around. Kosinski also added that there were multiple fatalities and multiple injured as well. Earlier when the police arrived at the place, they were not aware if the shooter was from the customers or the employee, and they also said earlier that no one was shot by the police as a suspect and they did not fire a single shot. Later it came out that the shooter was none other than an employee of Walmart and he shot people seeing an opportunity.

At Least Six People Killed In Virginia Chesapeake Walmart Shooting

Walmart released a statement in which they added that they were shocked to hear about such a tragic incident. Police on Twitter added that although the shooter is dead still they want no one to come closer to the area and requested the civilians to stay away from the area. Walmart as well stated that they are working closely with the officials. Five people were taken to the nearby hospital called Sentara Norfolk where they are getting treated. There were about 40 emergency vehicles in the area where there were officers from different branches including the FBI and the medics as well as assisting police and helping the injured.

Who Is The Suspect?

Branches involved in investigations include the FBI, Virginia Beach police, Bureaus of alcohol, firearms, and Explosives ATF as well. A page which is called the Conference centre of Chesapeake was set up in order to get close to the family of the deceased and help police identify the deceased. While Spokesperson of the city added that staying away from the area is recommended and people should follow up to the police. The manager of Walmart, Andre Bing is the main suspect in this case although much about him is not revealed yet. Police added that they working on the case and soon will release more information.

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