VIDEO: A Professional Venezuelan Footballer Player Gets Emotional After Seeing His Grandma In Stands Video Viral!

Grandma and Grandpa are always close to their grandchildren. Whenever we want something we ask our grandparents first and when we want permission for something we ask through our grandparent’s parents. Grandparents play a vital role in making our childhood memories the best and that is why we usually get emotional watching them at a place where we can’t imagine. One such thing recently happened in a football ground where a player gets emotional after watching his Grandma in the stands. This precious moment has been captured in the video which is now getting viral on social media.


After watching the video, people are looking for more information about it and want to know more about it. They are looking for information about the footballer which proves that there is no love like that of grandparents, and when someone met them after a long time it is obvious that people can be extremely emotional. As per the reports, The Venezuelan footballer had not watched his granny for 4 years and when he watched her he burst into tears.

A Professional Venezuelan Footballer Player Gets Emotional After Seeing His Grandma’s Video

The reports state that the footballer had not watched her grandma for a long time and when he saw her in the stands of the field at the time of his football match. This beautiful and emotional moment has been recorded in the video and circulated all over the media. The video shows how we are attached to our grandparents and how we get happy to watch him or them. The video will remind us of the selfless love given by the oldest generation in our family and that the bond we share with them is the most precious and beautiful thing.


Recently, the professional football player who hails from Venezuela and plays for the side Portugal was going to the football field which was his daily routine for playing the matches but when he reached there he found an unexpected and pleasant surprise. The video shows the footballer walking midfield to the side of the corner of the ground close to the stand in order to say hello to her fans but suddenly his eyes got stuck on an old lady which was standing there and he begin to cry after he learnt that the old lady was his grandmother whom he was seeing after 4 years.

A moment he realizes he began to cry and sat on the ground field whereas his teammates instantly run towards him in order to console him. The length of the video is just 1 minute but it is a bit emotional and can bring tears to the eyes of anyone. The video is currently available to watch and readers can find it anywhere.

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