US SHOOTING CCTV FOOTAGE, Six People Along With The Suspect Dead, Walmart Manager Started Shooting!

Virginia, USA, people at the Walmart store were brutally killed as they were shopping and many staff members have also been reported to be dead after a person who started firing killed them. As per the reports, a person who was considered to be one of the staff members shot and killed many, and police are investigating the case. Police reports and the tweets released by the local police revealed that the shooter shot many people and injured many as well. This incident occurred last night leaving many dead. Stay tuned as we covered everything you need to know about the shooting, the suspect, and the number of victims as well.

What Happened In Virginia Walmart Today?

This incident occurred on the 22nd of November 2022, Tuesday at a Chesapeake Virginia Walmart when an employee of the store started gathering people and he openly fired at people in the store and also the employees of the store as well. The shooter allegedly started shooting from outside of the store by shooting at a woman in her head and then moving in gathering people and starting shooting at them. This incident occurred around 10: 31 pm on Tuesday and police gathered at the place as soon as they were informed about a shooting ongoing in the store. The shooter who was recognized as the manager of the store entered the staff room and killed the staff members.


Virginia Walmart Shooting’s Suspect Dead

Leo Kosinski, the city police department officer who is investigating said that there were multiple fatalities and multiple injured ones as well When asked about the number of people being shot, Leo added that there were not less than 10 people dead. Police officers also added that there was blood all around and the injured ones were transported to nearby hospitals. Upon asking one of the hospitals said that there were 4 people who were admitted to being injured at Walmart. A person being a member of Walmart who was in his car shot a video and said that the shooter was the manager and he was shooting at the staff.

Virginia Walmart Shooting CCTV Footage

Later police also revealed that the person was one of the employees and he shot himself on the spot. Police discovered the body of the suspect as well. As the incident is recent and the police are investigating the case, they added they believed that no more than 10 people were shot and that the exact number of fatalities that occurred remains unknown. A major police presence was seen around the Walmart and about 40 vehicles from police, FBI, and also from different crime branches as well gathered up at the place. While a report also claimed that medics were also on the place as people were getting transported and treated as well.

While the city spokesperson and police asked people to remain calm as the shooter is dead and also requested people to remain away from the place. Senator of Virginia state added that she is absolutely devastated to hear about the mass shooting and also the gun violence happening in the country. In the USA gun violence is occurring at an alarming rate and as of now many of them have been reported and the death rate as well aside due to such gun violence. A help page has been set up to identify eh victims and also help the families to recognize their loved ones who passed away in a tragic incident.

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