MISSING: Who Is Abigail Witheridge? A Teenage Girl From Bradford Missing, Age, Family & More!

The parents of teenagers are always worried for their safety. Because this is the age when kids usually think that their parents are not understanding and putting restrictions on many things. At this age, some teens take measure steps that can also harm their career and that is why parents are always concerned for them but this thing some children never understand. Anyway, one such parent is currently worried about their teen daughter who went missing and they want her to be back home as soon as possible. The family as well as her friends, neighbours and loved ones are too concerned about her and want her to come back.


The missing case has already been logged and the police are looking for the details which can help them locate the girl, which is why they are sharing the information on social media platforms. Through this blog, we are also trying to support the family and police so that they soon locate their beloved daughter. The reports stated that the 17-year-old girl went missing in Bradford. The name of the missing teen is Abigail Witheridge and her missing case has been lodged in the police department of West Yorkshire.

Abigail Witheridge Went Missing From Bradford

The police are looking for her but they are also appealing to the general public to assist them and requesting for anyone with details to come forward in front of them so that they will be able to locate the girl as soon as possible. We all know that the environment related to the girl is not good and many freak criminals always look for a chance to kidnap a girl and sell them or involved her in human trafficking and that is why police want her to be back.

Abigail Witheridge: Wikipedia & Bio


For a better assessment, the cops state that Abigail was last spotted wearing brown colour glasses, a grey coat and light blue jeans and black colour boats. Her height is 5 foot 8 inches, stocky and the colour of her hair is red in a bun. She is known to regularly the city centre, Undercliffe, Idle and Greengates areas. There are many people who are running a campaign on social media and requesting people to find her and share any kind of information. The family is distraught for the girl and they want her to be back in fine condition.

We are requesting our readers that if anyone watches Abigail or can aid cops to discover her, then they can make an emergency call on 101, or use the contact options on the website of West Yorkshire Police. Stay tuned with us for more such updates.

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