Missing 20-year-old hiker found dead in New Hampshire mountains

We are going to share with you the trending news about the shocking demise of a young girl.What happened with him? Where she was missing?And where she was found?

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Who is Sotelo?

Sotelo was a sophomore at Vanderbilt University where she majored in biochemistry and chemical biology.

Scotelo missing,

A Massachusetts hiker, who had gone missing after departing on a solo hike over the weekend, was found passed away in New Hampshire on Wednesday.

Emily Sotelo, 20, was found on northwest side of Mount Lafayette, in Franconia after departing on a hike of Franconia Ridge on Sunday morning.

A family member had reported Sotelo missing when she did not return at a planned time.

Her body was found at 11:15 a.m. on the northwest side of Mount Lafayette and then was moved by a New Hampshire Army National Guard helicopter.

Sotelo cause of demise is not reveal at yet.

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