Danny Lim Video: Who Is This Viral Danny Lim? Danny Lim video on Twitter

Darren Lim Detailled video

Judge Andrew Scotting reversed the judgement in August 2017 after pointing out that the phrase had been used in Shakespeare’s Hamlet, was often used on television, and was seen as less objectionable in Australia than it was in other English-speaking nations.

According to what is known, Lim was detained by the authorities for “offensive behaviour.” Supplied An officer is seen in the arrest video holding a sandwich board sign that reads.


Danny Lim explains in a video

Danny Lim, a well-known Sydney sandwich board campaigner, was detained for provocative behaviour in the city’s central business district.

Three police officers detained the 74-year-old on Exchange Place in Barangaroo at around 9.20 this morning, and he was fined.

What the offensive behaviour entailed is unclear.

Danny Lim, a Sydney sandwich board activist, was detained for “offensive behavior.”

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