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Toilet brush girl video is trending on the internet at this time. Recently one of her videos has been trending and people on the internet have gone crazy to get the link and watch the video, for they are searching about her on the web. In this article we will talk about her personal details and her trending video.


Toilet brush girl video:

In a world where bizarre videos are a dime a dozen, this one manages to stand apart. Footage that has gone viral on social media shows a woman making a drink inside her toilet bowl and serving it to guests at a party. The bizarre footage has garnered more than 6.6 million views on Twitter, where reactions ranged from horrified and appalled to disbelieving.


In the viral video, the woman fills her toilet bowl with candy and ice cream before opening the flush compartment and dumping a bunch of drinks — including Fanta, Sprite and a whole bottle of fruit punch — inside it. She then pulls the flush so all the components of her party drink are mixed together inside the toilet bowl, creating a sugary and colourful concoction that she proceeds to serve to her guests.

The clip has crossed 6.6 million views on Twitter, where people were quick to register their disgust. “This is gross on too many levels,” wrote a Twitter user.

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