Jordan Powell Video–Jordan Powell el Video Borrado

With the invention of internet, the world got so much faster than before. Previously people had to wait for hours for news billiton to get all the information and latest how know about their surroundings.

However it’s not the case anymore. Social media has now enabled people to transfer tons of information in another corner of the world in a matter of seconds.

So it’s very hard for celebrities infact for everyone to to keep their privacy. While the technology comes with it’s pros, it also has some cons.


A new viral video has been making headlines on Twitter and other social media platforms. This time it’s not something pleasant unfortunately.

Jordan Powell Twitter Viral Photos and Videos Detail:

The young influencer uploaded a video to his social networks where the musician is shown in his bathroom with a towel through his mirror and a detail is observed between his crotch, for which thousands of users began to share the post referring to his great attribute.

In addition to his social networks, the influencer interacts with his thousands of followers on the OnlyFans adult platform, where he shows his uncensored attributes to all his subscribers.

Seeing that the morbid and the forbidden began to give him fame and monetary gains, Powell put his career as a musician in the background.

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