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ilyyukii Twitter is a account on Twitter where mass amount of content is getting posted on a daily basis. One can watch it if he has enabled himself from watching content on Twitter.

Lot of Videos getting trending from this account. The account has 54.6K followers as of November 2022. Even after sharing such a video, the account is not banned yet from Twitter. So, people can enjoy the video and knowledge shared across this account.

Can ilyyukii Twitter account be banned?

Due to lot more video, there are chances of getting the account ban. But still lot of followers of ilyyukii believes that the account is not getting suspended in near future as the new ceo of Twitter is a firm believer of freedom of speech.

As anyone across Twitter can share whatever they want and have full right. Therefore the account is safe from getting banned in near future. Talking about Twitter, lot of employee laid off due to new work rule for employee.

૮꒰ ˶• ༝ •˶꒱ა (@ilyYukii) / Twitter

Employ of Twitter has to work for more hours with minimum benificial services from Twitter and it really made lot of employee disappoint. So, they started resigning and lot of people started predicting that Twitter might get closed soon.

But, only time will tell. As Much bought loss making app for 42 Billion Dollar, it’s hard for him to run this service without any monetization options.

Watch ilyyukii Full Twitter Video

The artist is now all the rage after his Twitter video went Trending on other social media platforms. People are watching this video again and displaying interest in it.

Which has caused quite a stir. The video was first uploaded on Twitter, but it quickly spread to other platforms and became a big topic. Although the identity of the person who submitted the video is unknown.

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