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Hello, readers welcome back to our article in the article we are going to inform you of something very interesting as well as shocking so stay tuned to know till the last of the article to know more about something which is now coming into existence however we are talking about Greta Thunberg. So there was a challenge and it is said to be a question of how dare you that was particularly spreading on the social media platform and when she came into existence she quiet disappeared let us know about the whole matter in detail.


A woman who is from Sweden and she is a Swedish woman was diagnosed with the syndrome of Asperger. However, there were several media people out there who work criticised her because of her way of talking as well as about the deformation of the climate in her own home for many months her images were floating on every social media platform however in addition to this UN also animates a campaign with a new image of Sophia Kianni.

Who Is Sophia Kianni?

Talking about Kianni so there are several questions that people want to know about her so now we have gathered some information that she is an American of Iranian descent who started her career with the fight in a climate right now she is 20 years and at a such young age she is quite hard working she is also studying at the moment and also a student of stand for university and also the founder of the climate cardinals which is quite impressive.

Sophia Kianni: Wikipedia & Bio

Is also the part and also featured in many quality media outlets including CNN BBC The Guardian as well as NBC apart from this she has been a face on the cover of the Washington Post According to her she started working at the age of 12 and then she already knows about her resume and how to impress the people out there there was a lot of climate activism that has been featured in the media through her interviews with Cosmo and MTV news.


Even people love to watch her and love speaking to her about her struggles as well as about her achievements she also came for the public speaking engagement and various Universities to influence and motivate the people out there who are young like her like she went to the Columbia University and she has been invited to many of the conferences which are being hosted by some of the university we will make sure to keep you guys updated with her for the information.

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