Who Is JULES ARI Video Viral On Twitter, Reddit And YouTube Link!

Another OnlyFans model came into the news shows they without creating any controversy OF will not leave a single day. As usual, the private content of a model became public and many people are sharing it with each other and making it more viral. Leaked videos and photos are the most common news to hear these days and it is easy to pull numerous amounts of attention as to why anyone can leave a such thing. We all know that OF is an adult website and is considered a p**n site but still people are becoming models and generating a good amount of money.


However, on daily basis, the content of this website is getting viral on other websites as well. This time the model in the news is “Jules Ari”. Many websites are covering this news and stating that the photos and videos went viral first surfaced on Twitter and then Reddit and within a few seconds, it went viral on other public platforms. However, Internet has removed the video but there are some people who already download it and now they are sharing it with each other and talking about it.

Who Is Jules Ari?

There are many people who want to watch this video and want the link and for that, they are hunting many social media websites in order to find the video, but it is not easy to get such controversial and 18+ videos and photos. The content which is getting viral shows the seductive body of the model and in most of them, she is exposing her private parts. These videos and photos help her to increase the number of people on her page and she is adding more subscribers who are helping her to get good fortune.

Jules Ari Video Link

These videos and controversies force us to find out her account on OF and it is easily available to find on OF. After analysis of her account, it is easy to predict what type of content she posts and why people are getting crazy to watch her content. On her cover page, she can be seen exposing her b**t. In her bio, she gives offers to her subscribers along with the chart in which she is stating what kind of content she is offering to her subscribers. She even mentioned that she is a pretzel girl.

My Stretching Routine | Jules Ari Flexibility - YouTube


She is charging $11.99 per month from her subscribers and offering discounts or subscription bundles. As of now, she has posted 179 videos and 1.9k photos and in most of them, she is mas***ating and touching her private parts. Apart from that in some of the videos, she is giving ratings to the private part of the man. In order to watch her content people need to buy a subscription but don’t forget we are not promoting such explicit things.

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