Nagrelha Dos Lambas FUNERAL Video, Cause Of Death, Last Emotional Video Before Death Viral On Internet!

It is now become common to hear the news of death. A new twist came when many websites claim that they have the video of the deceased which depicts the last scene of the person. Most of the time the video has nothing related to death but sometimes it is right. This time as well a video surfaced on the web which showed the last scene of the deceased prior to his death. The deceased was identified as Nagrelha dos Lambas and many websites are claiming that they have the video which is related to his demise. Let’s find out the truth of the video before that talks about his demise and how he passed away.

As per the latest report, Kudurist Nagrelha (from Lambas) passed away on Friday, 18th November 2022. He took his last breath at the Hospital Cardeal Dom Alexandre do Nascimento located in Luanda. His fans are in sad mode after hearing his death news. The reports are stating that he was suffering from Lung cancer. His passing news is officially confirmed by the health unit. He was admitted to the hospital after he faced severe respiratory issues and after that, he got admitted last August. His fans, family, friends and loves ones are in shock that he is no more.

Nagrelha Dos Lambas Funeral Video

Now a video surfacing on the web which is claiming that it has the last scene. The fans are getting emotional after watching the video but nothing depicting in the video which is related to the last scene of him. Once again some people are using clickbait in order to get attention. There has been no such video that has been taken prior to his demise so stop sharing such videos and don’t promote such things which can hurt the sentiment of the people.

Nagrelha Dos Lambas Last Emotional Video Before Death

It is morally not good to share such false videos related to the death of someone. According to the reports, Kudurist was 36 years old when he took his last breath. The full name of the artist was Gelson Caio Manuel Mendes popularly known as “Nagrelha” was born on 30th October 1986 and he celebrated his birthday last month. He was quite popular and known for many successes achieved in the Kuduro musical style.

Apart from his pals, the “Estado Maior do Kuduro” created the kuduro group which they named “Os Lambas, and with the help of this band they got many successful hits such as “Comboio”. He tied the wedding knot to Weza Mendes who is a dancer. His entire family are sad by this death news and fans are praying for them.

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