Who Is CORNEISHA BUTLER Ex-Perkins Death Video, Cause Of Death, Who Killed Her?

A terrible video is getting viral on social media and garnering a lot of attention. Many people who watched the video are claiming that it is the last video of the person who was later on found dead. After watching the chaos on social media we decide to investigate the matter and try to find out the truth of it. Apart from it, the name which is getting viral along with the video is Corneshia Bulter. As soon as the name and the video surfaced on the web, people began to look at the deceased and the cause of her demise.


Corneshia Butler Death Video

Those who yet not watched the video want to know what actually depict in it and why people are calling the video the last video. According to the reports, Corneisha Butler was the mother of 4 and someone killed her. Her dead body was found on Wednesday, 16th November 2022 and the person who is claimed to be her murderer is her toxic former girlfriend. The reports are stating that on Wednesday, Kayla the former girlfriend of Corneisha killed her.

What Happened With Corneshia Butler?

According to the reports, this murder happened after many months of threats and harassment from Kayla. The reports are pointing out that she was evidently jealous of the success of Corneisha. Just prior to the killing, Kahla had gone to the home of Corneisha and set fire to her Jeep and Mercedes. Both these cars were the possessions of the deceased and close to her heart. This incident particularly pointed out that Kayla was attempting to destroy the life of her former girlfriend.

Who Is CORNEISHA BUTLER Ex-Perkins Death Video, Cause Of Death, Who Killed  Her?

Who Killed Corneshia Butler?

Unfortunately, it was a tragic and sad story of jealousy and hate directed at the senseless killing. Now a video is getting viral and people are claiming to be related to the murder of Corneisha. However, there are no such websites available that are posting the video but there are some false videos getting released online that state to be the last video of the deceased. Many videos are clickbait and have the wrong information.


Our sources are trying to detect the video and as soon as we get the link we will update it Corneisha Butler Last Videohere. The readers need to have some patience as the matter is really serious and it is not right to share any false information on this. Some sources are stating that the video is CCTV Footage and many are claiming that it is depicting the last scene of the deceased. Well without watching the video we can’t claim it. To know more be connected with us.

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