VIDEO: A Chennai Stalker Slashes Woman’s Face With Beer Bottle, Reason, Who Is The Suspect?

Only a day has passed since we shared a piece of terrible news with you. Now one more piece of news coming fore which is related to the harassment of a girl. The cases of harassment watched a rise despite running many campaigns. In order to make criminals scared law enforcement has made many changes in their laws and strict rules. But still, the cases are on top and adding more numbers on daily basis. It really makes us sad that the world is progressing but the mindset of some people is still backwards who think women are a subject of enjoyment and physical pleasure.


We cannot say that only illiterate people misbehave with women, but many educated people have been caught doing such acts. We don’t understand why men think the body of women is only made for them and they can do anything they want. Why don’t understand that no means no? Whey they take the rejection of a girl or woman on their pride and take revenge by destroying their life and ruining their faces. We don’t know when this sick mentality would stop. Sometimes it looks like it will never end, you all must be thinking that why we are saying such negative things, the simple reason is that a new case has come fore where a stalker slashes the face of a woman with the use of a beer bottle because she rejects his proposal.

A Chennai Stalker Slashes Woman’s Face With Beer Bottle, Reason

It is not the first stalking case in India but now stalking cases are converting into horrific incidents. The latest case is coming from Chennai and the man was detained for stalking a lady and then brutally assaulting her. According to the latest reports, the stalker of a 20-years-old woman harassed her constantly by proposing to her. It was not the first time he was proposing to her in fact he proposed to her multiple times and every time the woman rejected him. After facing a lot of rejection he finally decides to take revenge and apparently slashed her face with the use of a broken beer bottle when he could not handle rejection.

பீர் பாட்டிலால் பெண்ணின் முகத்தில் குத்திய இளைஞர்… சென்னை அருகே நிகழ்ந்த  பயங்கரம்!!


As per the police, the 25-years-old man was identified as the suspect and his name is Naveen Kumar. He is also a citizen of Chennai, India. The reports stated that he had initially befriended the lady on his social media account. The victim lady hails from Kerala and presently living in Chennai. She had shifted to this town a few months back as she is a would-be air hostess. Presently she is working at the local hotel and doing her job at the front desk.

The hotel is located in Kilpauk. The reports state that the suspect lied to the victim and stated to her that he was working in the Navy in the position of an officer and he would aid her in providing a good job in airlines as he has good contacts. He was constantly proposing to her and she gets uncomfortable but on Tuesday when she was coming back to her hostel, he comes there and confronted her and soon he assailed her by using a bottle of beer.

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