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In just a few days, tickets to Taylor Swift’s live concert sold out quickly. This was due to the high demand for tickets for her US tour, which was sold through Ticketmaster. As a result of this, Ticketmaster decided to cancel the public sale of tickets on Thursday. Instead, they opted to hold sales for some specific groups. The first batch of tickets sold out in just hours; over two million tickets were sold in all.

Critics have belittled the company after the public pressure crashed their website. My approach to the site several times resulted in damage to the site. Many participants in the pre-sale lottery had agonizing experiences. One of them was mother Nancy Abulmagd, who spent hours behind thousands of other people in a virtual line to buy tickets for her daughter and friends. However, the website crashed repeatedly and ultimately rejected Abulmagd due to lack of inventory.


A 41-year-old New Jersey resident reported that the experience left him emotionally drained and without any time left over for personal pursuits. The causes he assigned to the event were “bot attacks” on his firm’s website that caused a tremendous influx of visitors and “unprecedented demand” by his pop star client. This iconic musician first made her mark in 2006 and has supplied hit after hit ever since.

Her latest album Midnights topped charts around the world.

In order to get tickets for her US tour before the public sale, more than 3.5 million people registered as a “Swiftie” ahead of time. This is how people who register as “verified fans” are known. Two million people were placed on the waitlist.

Before the tour started, Ticketmaster gave away tickets to Capital One customers with a credit card.

According to allegations raised by the ticketing company Ticketmaster, the site experienced issues during the initial release that resulted in issues with 15% of people’s transactions. However, sales still broke records for a single day for any artist. When asked about these issues, the company stated that they were still working hard to improve the experience for buyers.


In order to prevent scalpers or bots from purchasing tickets, Ticketmaster implemented a pre-sale system. However, people have been frustrated with the system’s inefficiency. For example, some websites were selling tickets for thousands of dollars before the pre-sale was even finished.

British comedian John Oliver of the HBO show Last Week Tonight says Ticketmaster is one of the most hated companies on earth. He blames them for high prices, exorbitant fees and a lack of availability when people attempt to attend events. Nancy said that Ticketmaster could have better organized the sales considering the high demand for Taylor Swift tickets.

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