RIP: Activist Carol Leigh Cause Of Death, How Did He Die? Age, Funeral & Obituary News!

Carol Leigh, an activist from San Francisco has now passed away at the age of 71. Carol worked for woman’s rights and also various people who were in the LGBTQ community as well. Carol earlier used to work as a prostitute and at that time she faced much-worsened conditions and also many ugly truths of society which helped her gain the think of helping others and several other people who work like her and are prostitutes. She legally called the people who worked like her sex workers and through this, the term was legalized and is now openly used as well. Let us learn in-depth about Carol and also know the reason behind her demise.

Carol Leigh Death Reason

Carol was a prostitute earlier before she was an activist. When Carol used to work at an adult bar and she earned through it, Carol was raped by two men and she was not helped by anyone as everyone left. For years she fought the case and this helped her gain consciousness about other people she helped many prostitutes and people from the LGBTQ community as well. She was the one who attended the panel discussion of the Ant-pornography conference which was held in 1978 and Carol was the one who coined the term called Sex workers there. Since that time this term is used officially by many people and is termed in dictionaries as well.

Who Was Carol Leigh?

Executor of the estate of Carol, Kate Marquez added to her statement that Carol was suffering from Cancer and that was the reason behind her demise. Carol’s disease was reported on the 17th of November 2022 and her demise occurred on the 16th of November 2022. Carol was the one who fought for years to improvise and to provide better conditions for people working in the sex industry. She fought for years for the rights of women in the adult industry and for prostitutes as well. After she used the term Sex work industry many people used it and it has become one of the most used terms as well from the panel discussions and ever since used by public health officials.

Carol Leigh: Wikipedia & Bio

Kate added that Carol was someone who would define Sex work as a thing that is not a crime but a labour issue. She adds that Carol used to say that this is a job done by many people in the country and also which is mocked as well, but she also said that it is something which is done by many people who work to support their families. Carol always said that prostitutes are a woman who is expelled from the feminism and sexuality terms and also from the legal conversations as well, but she also adds that they are someone who can never be replaced and are also a main part of society and work that is fragmented.

Carol was the co-founder of BAYSWAN which is known for its fights for the rights of women and also prostitutes as well. This network works for human rights and also addresses various social problems faced by women from different work categories and also by the LGBTQ community as well. This organization also deals with other human trafficking issues and also issues of labour and civil rights as well and also its violations. Carol also worked on many projects and films and helped them view the dark side and also the true side of the adult industry.

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