Mick Gordon Bethesda post on reddit, Bethesda rejects Mick Gordon allegations

Bethesda Softworks has responded to allegations made last week by Doom Eternal composer Mick Gordon (opens in a new tab), claiming that Gordon misrepresented and misrepresented the situation “by unilaterally and unfairly presenting the facts of the case” . .

Issues between Gordon, an acclaimed composer who has contributed to several Bethesda games and many others, came to light in 2020 following the release of the Doom Eternal OST, and Doom Studio id Software. Gordon actually denied this (opens in a new tab), saying he didn’t remix most of the tracks, and even more surprisingly predicting he won’t be collaborating with Bethesda in the future; a month later, Destruction Soldier Eternal executive producer Marty Stratton posted an “open letter” on Reddit, berating Gordon and painting him as unreliable and difficult to work with.

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Gordon had remained silent on the matter until last week, when he issued a lengthy and detailed statement claiming that he was the target of unfair and dishonest actions by id and Stratton in particular, according to Gordon, Stratton “lied about the circumstances of the sinking” with an eternal soundtrack” and “used disinformation and innuendo” to blame him for his failure.

According to Gordon, the final straw came shortly after the OST was released. He and Stratton negotiated another path, but Stratton published his open letter a few days later. Lawyers were called, proposals were made and rejected, and eventually Gordon went public to restore his reputation, feeling like he had no other options.

“Using nondisclosure agreements, settlements, and gag orders to suppress the truth is a terrible tactic employed by those in power who fear accountability,” Gordon wrote. “I choose to speak out because the alternative is to embrace this tactic. “

However, id Software’s parent company and Doom Eternal publisher Bethesda Softworks vehemently denied Gordon’s version of events in a statement released today (opens in a new tab).

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