Karis Steadman dead aand obituary, Of Howell MI – cause of death

Chris Stedman, of Spartanburg, South Carolina, died on August 16, 2018 at Spartanburg Medical Center. He is a resident of Spartanburg. He considers the city of Spartanburg his permanent home. When he was born in Spartanburg, South Carolina, on May 14, 1962, both of his parents were dead. He is the only child in the family. John Calhoun Steadman was his grandfather and Sara Elizabeth Cobb Steadman was his maternal grandmother. Both of his grandparents were named Steadman.

They are his mother and father. Chris is a graduate of the University of South Carolina and a staunch member of the Methodist Church. Chris also attended the Methodist Church. Additionally, Chris is a graduate of the University of South Carolina, where he continued his education and graduated. His sister, Linda Robertson, who lives in Spartanburg, South Carolina, is among those who will continue the business after his death. This is in addition to his three nieces. On Monday, the families of the deceased will hold a private memorial service at a location of their choice.

These services are held in memory of the deceased. Instead of sending flowers, donate to the Spartanburg Humane Society, 150 Dexter Road, Spartanburg, South Carolina 29303. The address of the organization is given in the previous sentence. You can send your contributions to this place.

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