David Dobrik insider article on reddit, Allegations and Controversies whats happened?

After attracting 18.8 million YouTube subscribers and unveiling his new $9.5 million home, some could argue that David Dobrik is in the prime of his career. But what happens when you reach the top? Well, there is only one way out. Since joining the platform in 2015, Dobrik’s charisma and cheeky personality have catapulted him to YouTube superstardom. The 24-year-old social media mogul is known for his weekly 4-minute-20-second vlogs, where he and his friends, aka the Vlog Squad, run around Los Angeles and prank, causing chaos and ending up looking like they Have more fun than everyone else.


The Vlog Squad has had a rotation since its inception; the current group appears to include Dobrik, Jason Nash, Toddy Smith, Heath Hussar, Scotty Sire, Josh Peck, Corinna Kopf, Nick Antonyan (aka “Jonah”), Jeff Wittek, Matt King and Zane Hijazi. None of these members were direct employees of Dobrik, but they benefited greatly from his allegiance. However, he has three employees acting as pseudo-members: Natalie Mariduena, Taylor Hudson, and Ella-Priya D’Souza. Dobrik was quick to exude boy-next-door energy while keeping his messy group of friends sane while winning a Kids’ Choice Award and doing TikToks with Charli D’Amelio.

Despite his YouTube fame, he quickly turned to podcasting during the 2020 pandemic. In his Feb. 8 “I Bought a New House!! (2021)” video, he says, “I can’t shoot the videos that I would normally shoot, like a vlog. But here we have a controlled Space and context.” Dobrik’s regular video hiatus finally gave former Vlog Squad members room to speak out against YouTube’s favorite good boy.

Over the past year, many of Dobrik’s former friends and colleagues have leveled allegations of sexual misconduct and bullying against him and his team of young content creators, such as former member Dom Zeglaitis. Known for ignoring controversy, Dobrik remained silent on the issue — that is, until he posted a two-minute, 30-second video on his VIEWS podcast channel, which launched in February, called “Let’s Talk.” After months of drama, Dobrik returned on June 15 with a new vlog, announcing new uploads every Tuesday as if nothing had happened.

What did David Dobrik do? YouTube's Vlog Squad rape allegation, explained -  Vox

Two other women have publicly accused Zeglaitis, claiming he exploited his friendship with Dobrik to exploit them. Meanwhile, Jeff Wittek is threatening legal action nearly two years after a crane accident nearly blinded him on camera. We’ve put together a timeline of Dobrik’s messy past and an even messier present so you can decide for yourself if the King of YouTube is finally over.


In an internal report dated November 3, 2021, a former fan provided a video of Vlog Squad founding member Dom Zeglaitis cornering her while filming David Dobrik. Go to the corner and make love to her. The 22-year-old woman said she and her friends first went to the Vlog Squad where Zeglaitis lived after Dobrik posted on Snapchat asking girls 18 and older to be extras in a vlog about Zeglaitis needing sexual intervention apartment. During her second visit to the apartment on May 18, Dobrik brought her and other fans to the apartment.

She and Zeglaitis go back and forth, which can be seen in his May 19 vlog, until he tries to attack her. The vlog was cut off before he could make contact, but in footage available on Insider, he grabs her in the corner of a hallway and fucks her. Dobrik can be heard repeating “stop, stop, stop” and pull Zeglaitis off of her. “When he started hitting me, you could see in my face that I was trying to push him away,” she said. “That’s too much. I don’t want to fight Dom. I just want to see David.” Dobrik officials did not immediately respond to the insider’s report.

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