WATCH: POKIMANE Open Shirt Full Twitter Video!

When we open Twitter today we found a video that is now easily available to watch on other social media platforms. The keyword which is getting viral is “Twitch Pokimane Open Shirt”. With this keyword it is tough to understand what type of content went viral, is it NSFW content or any kind of leaked audio or video of Twitch steamer or something else? These questions are really disturbing us and making us search for them. We all know that leaked video or audio is always a matter of discussion and people always show their interest in such kind of content.


Within a short time, the video gained a lot of attention and notoriety and now it is ruling all over the other viral video. Netizens and other people are showing their interest in this video and want to know what actually depicted in the video which is making it viral. As we expected in the first instance the video is full of explicit content, as many websites are claiming it. Now the word explicit has been linked to it than people who always look curious to watch this type of video want to have the link to it.

Pokimane Full Twitter Viral Video

For the information of those who do not know Pokimane, tell us that Pokimane is a very famous streamer on the web and accumulated a lot of followers on her account. The number of her followers are millions so it is obvious that her content whether it is related to Twitch or any other stuff easily gets viral. Not only this she is also considered the face of Twitch. Recently, on Tuesday 15th November 2022, the streamer left her computer for a while and when she came back, the buttons of her shirt were open which was permitting her watchers to look at her br@asts.

Pokimane Open Shirt Full Twitter Video Link

Soon after this video went viral and accumulated more than thousands of views and this time as well it is trending and pulling the attention of everyone. Men are always interested in watching such stuff and the streamer herself allowed people to talk about it. However, whether this incident happened intentionally or unintentionally is not known at this moment. In the video, she can be seen stating, “Hi, viewers have a science question for everyone,” prior to coming up to realize that she had her b**bs out of the shirt. Overwatch 2 of Pokimane stream pushed in the middle after the glitch of wardrobe.


The streamer instantly removed the video, but there are some nasty users who were fast to grab or download the video and posted it on Twitter and Reddit within seconds it went viral and people began to comment on it. There are some people who criticised the streamer but some shows concern towards her and say they are feeling bad for her after a bad and embarrassing moment.

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