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Shaquille robinson mexico video started to trend early this morning , as people are rushing to there search engines , phones and different social media.People are curious to talk and watch the popular video .

If you one of them then you are in a right place here we are going to share with you the complete details about Shaquille Robinson.Keep reading article completely.


Who was Shaquille Robinson?

Shaquille Robinson was a successful Charlotte, North Carolina businesswoman.She is 25 year old.

What happened with Shaquille?

Shaquille went on a trip to Mexico with her best friend and five other people.But unfortunately they all are found passed away.

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Shaquille friends name,

On Friday, October 28, 2022, Shaquille Robinson, her best friend, Khalil Cooke, and five others named Malik Dyer, Wenter Donovan, Alysse Hyatt, Daejhanae Jackson, and Nazeer Wiggins went to Cabo, Mexico.

Cause of demise,

Shaquille cause of demise is due to broken of neck.But still her sudden demise is became a mystery.Everyone wanted to know that what happened with Shaquille and her friends.

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