NJ man found passed away in recycling plant after climbing into dumpster

We are going to share with you the trending news about the NJ man who first missing and then found lifeless.What happened with him?Who do this?All these types of questions appears in the mind of people.

People are curious to know about the complete details related to NJ man.Here in this article we are going to share with you the complete details about NJ man.


The teen drummer, who plays in a local band called Hellfire, was reported missing after leaving a college party .He was in town visiting family and had attended an off campus party near Kutztown University In the early hours of Saturday morning, Bischoff was spotted on surveillance footage climbing into a dumpster behind Dollar Tree on Constitution Boulevard.

NJ man killed in recycling truck after crawling in dumpster

But the sad news is that Kellen Bischoff, 19, of Manahawkin, New Jersey, was found passed away.

A man who climbed into a dumpster after attending a house party was later found passed away at a recycling facility in Berks County, the local DA’s office said in a statement,

The DA’s office says they have not found evidence of foul play, and that Bischoff’s demise was likely an accident.

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