Marie Temara aka Polyprincessriri video trending on Twitter

Marietemara aka marie temara is well known instagram celebrity. She has also popular on tiktok. People wants to know about her personal life. Marie Temara aka Polyprincessriri video has trending on social media.

Model, Instagram influencer, TikTok celebrity, social media presence, and model all characterise Marie Temara.

She gained a lot of money as a social media influencer by promoting a range of items on Instagram and other social media platforms. She had 127K followers and 263 posts on Instagram at the time this article published.


Marie Temara is a social media celebrity, an Instagram influencer, a TikTok star, and a model. During her time as a social media influencer, she made a significant amount of money by marketing a range of products on Instagram and other social media platforms.

At the time this article published, she had 263 Instagram posts and 127K Instagram followers.


Her account membership is $16.99 per month, $45.87 per three months, and $86.65 per six months. According to her bio, she is 6’1 tall, Polynesian, a fitness model, and all natural.Her fame goes far beyond Instagram, as she has also seen on Snapchat, Twitter, YouTube, TikTok, in addition to several other social media sites.

Marie Temara (@MarieTemara) / Twitter

In addition, she has a YouTube channel under the same name. Where she posts daily vlogs as well as videos on cosmetics, fashion, and other beauty and fashion-related themes.Regarding her Instagram and other social media accounts.

She now has 1,27,000 followers, out of which she has posted 264 times, indicating that the number of her followers is increasing daily. She also has a number of more popular photographs on the social media network.


As a student, she supplemented her money by doing a variety of odd jobs. But now that she is an account, she is well-established in her chosen field.

Due to the fact that she attended a private high school, she does not now hold a university diploma. She now has a luxury automobile. A home, and a multitude of other items that make her feel like a millionaire.

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