Jordan Powell video is popular on social media platform


Through his TikTok videos, Jordan Powell video achieved internet fame and renown. Female fans came to him in droves due to his seductive writing. This is why he chose to start blogging on OnlyFans.

In November 2020, however, Jordan’s nude photographs leaked on Twitter. After the story circulated, the hunt for his nakedness escalated.


According to accounts, his nude video became popular on the internet, and Jordan himself taped it. Who uploaded the footage to the internet or who leaked it is unknown. Now it is reported that the video not published with Jordan’s permission. But the video definitely filmed by him. Perhaps he taped this for personal use. But it got released online. It has extensively disseminated online and is now trending on Twitter. Additionally, there are TikTok postings about him in which people discuss his stolen video.

If Jordan is a member of Only F, he may have created the video for his Only F account. Only F is a website where movies may freely shared and seen and where users can also sign up for subscriptions. Jordan uploaded films of himself nude to Only F. These movies were hosted on his Only F account. They charges around $8 per month for his Only F account and publishes footage with his permission. Jordan is unhappy because his movies intended for just him placed online, but the footage is now circulating the Internet.

dramatic lip-syncher and maker of point-of-view (POV) material who rose to fame via his old Jordan Powell TikTok account. On his platform, he had more than 1,300,000,000 followers.


In June of 2020, he made his TikTok debut. The music of YNW Melly appears in one of his earlier videos.


On his Instagram account, jordannpowell, he posts selfies and interacts with his fans. One of his most popular posts includes the description “just relaxing in Gotham” and has liked by over 70,000 people.



According to the claims, Jordan personally filmed the video of himself in his underwear that went viral on the internet. Who posted the video on the internet or made it go viral is unclear. Although it is now alleged Jordan did not consent to the distribution of the video. It is undeniable that he recorded it. It’s conceivable he taped this for personal use. But it uploaded to the Internet. It has widely shared online and has been trending on Twitter. Also, there are a number of TikTok posts about him. Where his popular video is talked about.

Jordan is a member of Only F, thus he may have created the video for his Only F channel. Videos freely shared on Only F, where users can also subscribe and see the videos of others. Jordan released videos of himself in his underwear on Only F. These films were on his account with Only F. Jordan charges around $8 per month on his Only F account and publishes these movies with his consent. One of Jordan’s films, which meant for him, accidentally shared online and is now watched by others.

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