DETAILS: Which K-pop Idols Are Taking the College Scholastic Ability Test and Which Are Not?

Within a few times, the Korean entertainment industry made a huge space in the hearts of everyone whether it is web series, music, fashion, films or anything related to it. The fans of Korean culture are not only in Korea but also throughout the world. Recently once again popular K-Pop ideals in the news as they are going to take a College Scholastic Ability Test and the students are extremely happy with this news and want to know more about it. For those who don’t know about this day, let them know that it is when many K-pop idols attend CSAT in South Korea. Now people who want to know who is attending CSAT 2023 need to follow this article.

Those who don’t know about CSAT surely want to know about it. It is a national graduation test for students in high school. This test is really important for students who are seeking admission to college. The “ultimate” test is conducted for all the students of high school in South Korea and after giving the test CSAT will decide which university a pupil can get entry into on the basis of the marks they get on this test. This test is essential for students and it is necessary for them to do their best in order to get admitted into good and prestigious universities.

Which K-pop Idols Are Taking the College Scholastic Ability Test

CSAT is really a big day for the stars of K-Pop and this year students can expect many big stars who will be ready to take the test of high-school students. In the year 2023 many popular K-Pop stars are coming to take a test which is mentioned below-

Huening Bahiyyih, Seo Young Eun- Kep1er
Baekseung, A-Min- EPEX
Kim Yeonkyu, Won Bin, and Jeong Seunghwan- ATBO
Lee Jin Woo- GHOST9
Harry June- DKB
Lee Jaehee- Weeekly
Harry June- DKB

Which Is Not Sitting In College Scholastic Ability Test 2023?

Over the past few weeks, many agencies of K-pop have disclosed the names of the stars who are not coming for CSAT 2023. Scroll down to know

TREASURE’s Park Jeong Woo
ENHYPEN’s Jungwon
MCND’s Win
IVE’s Jang Won Young and Liz
Woo!ah!’s Lucy and Minseo
NewJeans’ Minji
LIGHTSUM’s Juhyeon and Yujeong
NMIXX’s Jinni, Sullyoon, and Bae
STAYC’s Yoon and J

Starship Entertainment agency of IVE stated that “Related to the college entrance, Liz and Jang Won Young have officially decided not to take the test of CSAT 2023. To know more, be connected with us.

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