DETAILS: Shanquella Robinson Autopsy Report, Video & Pics, 25 Years Old American Woman Found Dead In Mexico!

A person from Charlotte NC passed away last month and the death was kind of mysterious for many people as the person who passed away was young and enthusiastic and did not suffer any health issues as well. Later a report was also published that the person did not have any kind of physical injury as well on her body.

We are here talking about the case of Shanquella Robinson who passed away last month. Robinson was on her vacation when she passed away. Her family members have said that justice is not served as the death reports were not justified and did not mention the main cause. Let us learn more in detail about the new reports released reports and also about the case as well. Robinson passed away last month


And she was just 25 years old when she passed away. She was on vacation with her friends and before her death, she newly opened a salon where she used to run her braiding business. Robinson was along with her friends when she passed away and was found dead in the hallway of the villa that they were staying in. Robinson’s mother said that the youngster’s death news was given to them after she passed away.

Shanquella Robinson Autopsy Video & Pics

Robinson was in Cabo San Lucas when she passed away and she was found dead just one day after she went on vacation. The death was shocking as Robinson did not have any injuries or any physical marks on her body. Earlier Robinson’s mother Salamandor Robinson said that she did not believe any of the friends of her daughter as they all gave different statements. Salamander added

That her daughter was found dead just one day after she went on vacation. She also said that the details given by her daughter’s friends were different which is awkward and also questionable. The details were given out by the police or the medics after the body was sent out for an autopsy stating that Robinson had several internal damages and that her Spinal cord was injured badly,

Who Killed Shanquella Robinson? Suspect Name & Pics

Especially her atlas luxation and spine being inured with the uppermost vertebrae getting damaged. Salamander claimed that the details given in the reports as well were not precise as they did not justify the death or the sudden death of her daughter. The reports had two questions which were as Was it accidental or not, and the answer written is yes. This answer did not clarify which direction


The case is going or what the report meant to say and Salamander was disappointed by the report as well. When Robinson was found dead in her living room and was seen unconscious by her friends, medics were called up and they arrived 15 minutes later after her death. Reports also said that the death occurred at 3 pm on the day of the incident. Robinson was just found dead in her living room the voicemails obtained from the villa said that there were about seven people

Shanquella Robinson Last Pics & Video

Who were there at the villa on the day of the incident and later went missing and were untraceable as well. Police are currently investigating the case and they are finding the cause of the death as well. Salamander said that she won’t be leaving in and also will not be at ease until she finds the reason behind her daughter’s death. US authorities have claimed that Mexican authorities did not find any clear evidence of Robinson’s death and also they are investigating the case currently.

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