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shaquella robinson Charlotte Shaquille and five others travelled to Mexico with her closest friend.

However, they are all ultimately given away. On October 28, 2022, Shaquille Robinson, her companion Khalil Cooke, and five other individuals called Malik Dyer, Wenter Donovan, Alyssa Hyatt, Daejhanae Jackson, and Nazeer Wiggins travelled to Cabo, Mexico.


Robinson was a well-known hairdresser in Charlotte, North Carolina, where he had a braiding and extension company. There has a continuous trickle of tributes on social media since her passing.

There are rumours that she was in Cabo, Mexico at the time, but no one knows for certain why. News about a brawler and company owner in Charlotte, North Carolina. Shaquille robinson mexico video popular on Social Media.

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