Evgeniy Nuzhin Video – Russian Sledgehammer Video – Wagner Brigade, the story in detail

Wagner Group, a shocking video was posted on Twitter from the independent Belarusian news site Nexta. Evgeny Nuzhin was a member of the same Russian brigade who, captured by the Ukrainians, had chosen to go over to their side.

Evgeniy Nuzhin Video:

In the clip we see a man, identified by the mercenaries with the name of Evgeny Nuzhin and accused of treason, being killed with a club in the head. In the video we see the Russian soldier with the side of his head resting on a stone being hit by the executioners with a club that kills him instantly .


Wagner Brigade, the story in twitter

One version indicates that he arrived on Russian territory as part of a prisoner exchange last Friday and that he was immediately identified by the Wagner Group.The Russia of Vladimir Putin, an ally of Serbia in the Balkans, who, according to press sources, has sent groups of mercenaries of the infamous ‘Wagner’ formation to the region to blow the flames of renewed tensions in Kosovo.

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