Who Was Ciarán Megannety? A 60-Year-Old Man Dead After Getting Into Difficulty While Swimming At Bray Beach In Wicklow!

Greetings everybody and we have really unfortunate news. A 16 year old man was recently killed when he face difficulty in swimming off the coast of Wicklow. We would like to extend our deepest apologies and thoughts to the family of Ciarán Megannety and may his soul rest in peace. He was a local resident living there and he wanted to enjoy some of his free time near the beach with his dog he was 60 years old and he wanted to travel to places he had never been.


His body was recovered around 8 in the morning on Sunday from my nearby beach and his family was immediately notified of this incident it was a heartbreaking story. He had been a part of a swimming community and instructed and taught many individuals how to swim emergency services were immediately called and a rescue helicopter was petrol in the skies by his body was found and responding. The body was sent for forensic analysis and later the reports suggested that he died because of drowning.

A 60-Year-Old Man Dead After Getting Into Difficulty While Swimming In Wicklow

The members of Bray Sea Swimmers express their apologies and he was taken to the nearby Medical Centre, unfortunately, his life could not be saved and he was given but there was no way he could be revived. She was a beautiful and strong man as mentioned by his friend and he wanted to enjoy his life until the last breath he always did what he wanted and on Sunday after a boring week he wanted to spend some time alone with his writer and it is indeed a very beautiful place where are some islands are there.

A 60-Year-Old Man Dead After Getting Into Difficulty While Swimming At Bray Beach

and you can clearly see the blue sky and lie under it. It has a road on which you can do cycling or go for a walk and during the time of sunset it is clear out of the world and that’s why he really enjoyed the natural beauty and it would comfort him. This was not the first type of accident that happened because in October of A 56-year-old individual in Scotland suffered a similar thing where he went missing for many days and never came back then his body was recovered from the Sea by some divers.


Your body does not behave in the same way that it used to do in the young days and we should be really careful or especially senior citizens when they travel or without a companion to natural landscapes. We will be back with some more updates until then keep reading articles on our online news portal. He was the grandfather and he really enjoyed spending time with his grandchildren and telling them traditional stories and folk tales that he grew up with them and he was very supportive and positive when it came to contributing to society.

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