Who Is Ellen Cadman Smith? 24-Year-Old Female Secondary School Mentor Sent 3000 Adult Texts To 15 Years Old Pupil

Hello readers welcome back to our article we are here to inform you about some of the shocking pieces of news that are straightly coming out and now everyone is quite shocked and people have been waiting for us to know and to explain the whole matter you might be curious to know that what we are talking about so recently a name is coming up Ellen Cadman Smith. According to the sources that we have been getting she has been sending a young student 3000 messages in just 2 months so let us know the complete details.


Now the main question that arises here is who is she so she has been coming into existence where she has informed the 15-year-old in a string of overtly sexual text on the social media platform and then he drove her nuts she was always thinking about him and talking about the text in which we can say that it was clearly mentioned that I think I am falling for you and now I cannot wait to see you. This particular case was quite intense when the victim and others got to know about the matter.

Ellen Cadman Smith Sent 3000 Adult Texts To 15 Years Old Pupil

So talking to the mother of the victim she discovered a text from a person named E. Meanwhile, she got curious to know about the whole matter and then she started reading all the phone messages and she got to know about the matter and she informed the police about the teacher and about her behaviour she was one of the greatest mentors of the enterprise college and she has been responsible for the supporting people’s mental health and also she is the one who has been helping the students out to learn about the difficulties.

A 24-Year-Old Female Secondary School Mentor Sent 3000 Adult Texts To 15 Years Old Pupil

It was quite shocking for everyone when people came to know about this mentor’s behaviour who has been accused to get into a sexual relationship with a minor who is her own student talking about her so she is 24 years old now and now as per the sources after examining her she is having some of the mental disorders and she has been facing severe anxiety from past few years however the case is still on process but we will make sure to give you the brief information.


The 24-year-old secondary school mentor sent the 15-year-old student 3,000  messages in just two months, telling the boy, "I think I'm falling in love  with you" and "I want you so badly,"

According to the Jury so they took a conclusion for the whole matter that she could only have 3 minutes of deliberation however the victim and she has come closer and now she started supporting him by talking about the text messages so it was first started through an automobile and it is said to be a mutual thing between both of them and the whole Matter was quite private to them. Both of them tried their best to hide the whole matter.

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