WATCH: Günther Jauch Punches Oliver Pocher In The Face Video Viral On Social Media!

Welcome back everyone and be accountable see what recently happened on a program and everybody has to talk about it a lot on social media platforms. Celebrities slapping Each Other is indeed the headline and a similar kind of thing happened on a German program. Günther Jauch punched Oliver Pocher in the face. It all happened live in front of the camera and the whole world saw it. It happened on Saturday evening and the forty-four-year-old was clearly shocked. Nobody expected that television Legend Gunther would lose his cool.


and hit the show host in the face the comedian was standing in front of him and making some remarks and maybe it provoked him and that’s why he took the step. He is a German comedian and television personality who is currently 44 years old he has appeared on many programs and he is a well-renowned name. And then he said that he will clearly make a class action lawsuit out of it and he was slapped on the side of who wants to be a millionaire and the German version and he was not able to do anything on the show.

Günther Jauch Punches Oliver Pocher In The Face Video

and then he just moved out of the place and now he is pretty angry and he wants to do a lawsuit. The comedian was injured and this is what thought was the first time he was slapped because in March this year he was slapped by someone again in an abusive video he has a history of such controversial moments and he is not coming back on this Saturday evening on the same show and he was clearly embarrassed. He was born on 18th February 1978 and he was born in West Germany and he started his career in 2007.

and had no contact with the entertainment organisation and he was working really hard. He currently has five children He first married in 2010 but it did not work and then he again married in 2017 which continued. If first appeared on a television program on 28 October 1998 and he was given five minutes to make the audience laugh and he was able to do that. In 2005 he was doing a comedy show and he made some remarks about the appearance of a woman who was present in the audience.

and she was very offended by these comments she wanted to take legal action against him and after he was proven guilty in court he had to pay 6000 Pounds as a fine and apologize to her in front of the public. But he did not learn from his mistake and he then again made fun of the same female in another show and he then again had to pay a fine of 25000 pounds and we will be back with some more information about him until then stay tuned with our website.

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