Shooting Reported At Tallahassee Fair , Who Is The Active Sho*ter ?

The latest trending news of a sh.oting coming out from Tallahassee and people are getting curious to know more details . Whenever sho;ting news came the first thing we want to know is how many people got woud.d and di!d during the sho:ting . How it has happened and how many people are involved in it .


To know all these types of questions read our article fully for complete details.

A sho*ting incident has happened and an active sho*ter is in the north Florida fair . The police received the calls of sh*oting on social media and someone informed the police that an active sho*ter was present at a fair so they began to search for it .

The police take the calls seriously and reached the cr!me scene as soon as possible . But when they reached they got to know that this news is fake and nothing has happened like that .

Police believe that it was a prank call and that the only motive of the person was to create chaos .

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