Shooting Reported At Tallahassee Fair Today, Who Is The Active Shooter?

After so many days we are once again sharing the shooting news. The latest news of a shooting coming out from Tallahassee and people are getting curious to know more details. Whenever shooting news came the first thing we want to know is how many people got wounded and died during the shooting. How it has happened and how many people are involved in it. Who is the shooter and what is the motive for the shooting? All these questions make people worried and that’s why they rush towards social media to find out this. Let’s get to know more about it.


According to some reports, a shooting incident has happened and an active shooter is in the north Florida fair. The police received the calls of shooting on social media and someone informed the police that an active shooter was present at a fair so they began to search for it. The police take the calls seriously and reached the crime scene as soon as possible. But when they reached they got to know that this news is fake and nothing has happened like that. Police believe that it was a prank call and that the only motive of the person was to create chaos.

What Happened At Tallahassee Fair Today?

As per multiple individuals present at the Fair organised in Tallahassee. On social media platforms, there have been many reports and comments circulating and people are talking about this incident and many of them began to find out about it. After watching the chaos and confusion on social media, the spokesperson of the Tallahassee Police Department states there was no shooting that occurred at the North Florida Fair tonight and all the reports are completely fake, FALSE and debunked.

Who Is The Active Shooter?

The spokesperson further added that there was an altercation that prompted him to start running and people themselves related to shooing. A number of different police departments and law enforcement organisations are reacting to a complaint of open firing at North Florida located in Tallahassee. As soon as the police received the reports, they were dispatched to organise probes. As of now, there have been no such reports or confirmations come out nor has any kind of identification of any sufferers surfaced.

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No active shooters have been recognised and there have been no details instantly issued related to any comprehends. As of now we also don’t have many details and only this thing came to the limelight that the news is completely wrong and people should not share or circulate such news. As social media users, we need to be very careful while sharing anything online as it can create chaos. To know more be with us.

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